FTP 2011 - International Workshop on First-Order Theorem Proving
Bern, Switzerland, July 4, 2011

View from Gurten near Berne

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FTP 2011 is the eighth in a series of workshops intended to focus effort on First-Order Theorem Proving as a core theme of Automated Deduction, and to provide a forum for presentation of recent work and discussion of research in progress.

The workshop welcomes original contributions on theorem proving in first-order classical, many-valued, modal and description logics, including nonexclusively: resolution, tableau methods, equational reasoning, term-rewriting, model construction, constraint reasoning, unification, description logics, propositional logic, specialized decision procedures; strategies and complexity of theorem proving procedures; implementation techniques and applications of first-order theorem provers to verification, artificial intelligence, mathematics and education.

Previous editions of FTP took place in Schloss Hagenberg, Austria (1997); Vienna, Austria (1998); St Andrews, Scotland (2000); Valencia, Spain (2003); Koblenz, Germany (2005), Liverpool, UK (2007), and Oslo, Norway (2009). For more information about FTP, its scope and previous workshops, please, see the FTP Workshop Series web page.

Important Dates

Full paper submission deadline: 9 May 2011
Notification of acceptance/rejection:    30 May 2011
Final version due: 9 June 2011
Workshop: 4 July 2011

Invited Speakers

Maria Paola Bonacina  (Verona, Italy) [joint with Tableaux 2011]
Felix Klaedtke  (ETH Zürich, Switzerland)  [joint with Tableaux 2011]

Additional Information

For information regarding the
venue, registration, travel, and accommodation follow the links.

Related Events

FTP 2011 will be collocated with
Tableaux 2011 (The 20th International Conference on Automated Reasoning with Analytic Tableaux and Related Methods) which will take place after FTP 2011.